About Us

We know that everyone wants the local economy to thrive. Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive directory so you can find all of your locally produced needs in one place.

We are a not-for-profit group. We’re putting in the effort to do this because it is important work, and we’re willing to take on this task.

As our email list grows, we can confidently show businesses that:

1. A strong majority of people want locally made products.

2. If a business starts producing and selling more local products, many people will buy them.

3. If a business doesn’t offer local products, they will miss out on potential sales.

The punchline: as consumers, we have 100% of the power regarding which businesses thrive; without us, no business can succeed.  We simply need to combine our voices and tell them want we want!

Please visit our Current Initiatives page to see the projects we’re actively working on right now.